Over the past years, the Traumaplatform Foundation and its network gathered vital knowledge in how to set-up and roll out high-quality research. In order to efficiently perform Traumaplatform studies in the field, this knowledge is shared with young investigators.

Research collaborative

With our online platform, we educate Residents and Researchers by first collaborating in these online studies. It has stimulated many Residents to take the lead in this type of research and formalize their curiosity by becoming leading investigators in the exciting world of Orthotrauma research.


Traumaplatform AWARDS

The Traumaplatform Award is to celebrate the acceptance of your abstract at an international meeting -the formalized fruit of hard scientific labour!- and to frame this experience of your very first podium presentation as an Award -an experience one never forgets!


Share your ideas, pitch your results and get inspired by giants! The Traumaplatform Symposium is the perfect place to learn more on how to efficiently present your research and improve the transfer of knowledge.


Previous Traumaplatform Award Winners


Previous Awards and Fellowships

Diederik Meijer. For his oral presentation at the CORS in 2013, Venice, Italy.

Rik Molenaars. For his oral presentation at the EFORT in 2014, London, England.

Jos Mellema. For his oral presentation at the AAOS in 2015, Las Vegas, USA.