The Traumaplatform Foundation is founded to stimulate and educate YOUNG MD PhD candidates and Residents with a special interest in Orthopaedic Trauma and facilitate their research endeavors as part of TEAM Traumaplatform.


History of Traumaplatform

Traumaplatform was originally founded for research purposes: to develop an online platform with embedded DICOM viewer to study inter-surgeon variation in fracture classification. The rest is History... In our Transatlantic coop between the Boston based Science of Variation Group founded by Harvard Professor David Ring and his PhD Fellow Thierry Guitton, and the Amsterdam based ankleplatform founded by University of Amsterdam Professor Niek van Dijk; we hypothesized that an online viewer will improve "classic SOVG" methodology. Currently used jpegs of radiographs, and videos of 2D- and 3D CTs on in our opinion contributes to inter-surgeon disagreement. However, to speak with the found of the Science of Variation Group Professor David Ring: "We do not know until we study it!".

After succesful online scientific "poking and prying with a purpose" with suprising results, this initiative quickly evolved to an Orthopaedic Trauma community with diverging scientific and non-scientific endeavors with three cornerstones: Science, Education and Challenges. The very dynamic group of collaborators behind the Traumaplatform Foundation continues to study fracture care to improve patient outcome and satisfaction. Members are committed to education in research, and our board grants educational Awards and Fellowships to encourage researchers and residents in Orthopaedic Trauma to pursue their international scientific- and clinical dreams. Finally, it is our experience that all of the above come together when mentees and mentors are challenged in extreme sport events that require meticulous preparation and optimal teamwork for the best possible results.

TEAM Science

TEAM Science

The Research Collaboration of Traumaplatform consists of the following eager and enthusiastic researchers:

Anne v.d. Made, MSc and PhD candidate

Barend Gevers Deynoot, MSc and PhD candidate

David Ring, MD PhD

Diederik Meijer, MSc and PhD candidate

Gino M. Kerkhoffs, MD PhD

J. Carel Goslings, MD PhD

Job N. Doornberg, MD PhD

Jos J. Mellema, MSc and PhD candidate

L Mangnus, MSc and PhD candidate

Michel v.d. Bekerom, MD PhD candidate

Rik Molenaars, MSc and PhD candidate

Sjoerd Stufkens, MD PhD

Thierry Guitton, MD PhD

Wouter H. Mallee, MD PhD candidate


Team Traumaplatform

Team Traumaplatform consists of all the people that are part of the organization, participated in challenges or perform collaborative research projects as part of the Traumaplatform study collaborative. Want to know who is in it? Click here.

Charitable Donations

Charitable Donations

The Traumaplatform Foundation is a 'Public Benefit Organisation' (Dutch: Algemeen nut beogende instelling, ANBI). This means that your charitable donations are subject to a Dutch Tax Treaty. On behalf of the Traumaplatform Foundation, we thank you for your support! If you wish to donate and support our effort to improve the quality of care given to trauma patients, please send an email to, and we will provide you with the necessary details.

KvK number: 58561196

Account number: NL 17 ABNA 0522550991

RSIN/Fiscaalnummer: 853089656

Honorary Patrons

Since Traumaplatform is founded by a group of residents/researchers in Orthopaedic Surgery, advice and input is often required. We are proud to join forces with several experts in the field, who are called our ‘Honorary Patrons’.

Gino MMJ Kerkhoffs

Professor in Orthopaedic Sports Traumatology

Academic Medical Center of Amsterdam

David Ring

Professor in Orthopaedic Surgery

Harvard Medical School, Boston Massachussetts General Hospital, USA


Beat Hintermann

Professor in Orthopaedic Surgery

University of Basel


J Carel Goslings

Professor in Trauma Surgery    

Academic Medical Center of Amsterdam



Ruurd Jaarsma

Professor in Orthopaedic Surgery

Flinders Medical Centre


Tim White.jpg

Tim White

Orthopedic Trauma Surgeon     

Royal Edinburgh Hospital


The Traumaplatform Foundation Board

The foundation is started by three Orthopaedic Surgery Residents with a special interest in Orthopaedic Trauma & Sports. Motivated to the bone to unite several specializations (Orthopedics, Trauma Surgery and Reconstructive Surgery) in order to stimulate research collaborations, educational projects and network opportunities for residents. Our mindset: anything is possible, as long as you surround yourself with energetic people with the same goal. The young generations are full of innovative ideas and energy that need to be put into practice!

Wouter Harm Mallee, Board member

Sjoerd Stufkens, Board member

Job Nicolaas Doornberg, Board member