Professor David Ring's Science Factory Alumni Borrel

         In 1990, Dr Peter Kloen was the first Dutch Ortho PhD Research Fellow at the Massachusetts General Hospital & Harvard Medical School working for the charismatic and demanding Director of Orthopaedic Surgery dr Henry Mankin. After completing his PhD lab work, he was selected for the prestigious Harvard Combined Orthopaedic Residency Program. Peter Kloen met David Ring in Residency where they were fellow residents. In 2001, Peter sent 21 year-old Job Doornberg to Boston for a 5-month Research Rotation with David, who just finished his Hand & Upper Extremity Fellowship with Professor Jesse Jupiter and was –like Peter– a ‘jonge klare’. Job got infected by David’s Science virus, and ended up staying for 2 ½ years. David’s virus got endemic in the Netherlands. The rest is history…

On behalf of full (!) Harvard Professor David Ring, Stéphanie Becker and Job, would like to invite you to celebrate Stéphanie’s PhD Thesis Day, as well as the third lustrum of David’s Science Factory in Amsterdam at Edel, December 11th 5-9 pm.

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’25 year of Scientific Training of Dutch Medical Student in an American Academic Division for Orthopaedic Surgery: Impact on Career Development


Aim of the survey

To evaluate the impact of a program for scientific training of Dutch medical students in a US academic division for Orthopaedic Surgery on career development.