Traumaplatform facilitates research. This could either be performed by young MD PhD candidates and residents in Orthopaedic, Plastic and General Surgery with a special interest in Orthopaedic Trauma or by PostDocs. Our network will support the roll out of multicenter trials and the online tool allows for young researchers to set up their own interobserver studies. In the future, Traumaplatform aims to develop a trauma registry.


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Traumaplatform developed an online survey tool to evaluate radiographical images using an embedded dicom viewer. This ensures high quality images equal to our daily clinical practice.

Traumaplatform is part of the Ankleplatform, Shoulderelbowplatform & Science of Variation Group and contributes to the collaborative effort to improve the study of variation in interpretation and classification of injuries.

Current members are Orthopaedic Trauma- and Foot & Ankle surgeons from all over the world. Want to participate in these studies?


Traumaplatform aims at performing clinically relevant and high quality research that improve both our knowledge and the outcome of injuries. Currently, the focus is on Q3DCT studies and therapeutic RCTs.

Dynamic Three-Dimensional Quantification of Computed Tomograpy → With this technique, fracture patterns can be perfectly visualized and related to treatment and patient outcome (check out the video above). 

Randomized Controlled Trials → The first Traumaplatform RCT will study static versus dynamic fixation of ankle syndesmotic injuries.



Traumaplatform organizes an annual symposium with the focus on (Orthopaedic) Trauma surgery. Researchers will ‘pitch’ their work to both surgeons and industry. It is the perfect opportunity to jumpstart research collaborations.

Researchers from Orthopaedic, Trauma and Plastic Surgery are welcome. 

Did you know: The first Traumaplatform symposium in 2015 was held in a plane at an altitude of 25.000 feet! Traumaplatform collaborated with AO to organize a Young AO Trauma seminar. What a success!

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