Every year, Team Traumaplatform will take on an extreme challenge with a team of surgeons, residents and researchers from different specialties. To accomplish that: we train, and we train hard! We participate in numerous events in order to get in top physical condition for the main Challenge. This reinforces the Team spirit and improves team effort in clinical practice. Sounds exciting?


Challenge 2015: The Finland Ice Marathon

60 surgeons and residents in Orthopaedic, General and Plastic Surgery formed Team Traumaplatform and participated in this ice cold challenge. 40 contestants on ice-skates and 20 contestants on moutainbikes with spiked tires!

A truly unique event. With an even more unique symposium in the air! This documentary will show you the Team effort.



Challenge 2016: Ride for Research

Our second challenge: 85 surgeons and residents from The Netherlands, USA and Denmark. 65 contestants drove 300km to Edinburgh, Scotland on a racebike; 20 contestants completed 200 km through the Scottish Midlands on mountainbikes. In the end, we attended the International Trauma symposium of the Royal Edinburgh Hospital. Another great team effort!



Traumaplatform Symposium

Traumaplatform organizes an annual symposium. The first ever Traumaplatform symposium was held in a plane at an altitude of 25.000 feet! The second was on the ferry to England. Twenty talks are given by researchers in pitch format to promote future research and/or to present excellent work in trauma research. Collaborations were made on the spot!

The next symposium will take place travelling to Switzerland...!